About Active Results, LLC

Active Results LLC is a global consultancy and training organization that provides highly regarded and intensely practical training that activates managers and employees to achieve greater organizational results and grow their own leadership skills and capacity. We provide programs and products that cater to the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations.

The power of our training is that it is built on a simple model that is quickly understood, memorable, and immediately useable and replicable in the workplace. The COACH Model®, while simple in concept, offers a profound change of mentality and practice from that of telling and expertise to that of questions and the shared discovery of new solutions. Our training is built on helping people grasp and use this model in intensely practical ways to solve immediate organizational challenges.

Our goal is to provide the tools and knowledge that will empower you and your organization to deliver extraordinary results while growing your people.

Dr. Keith E. Webb is the founder and President of Active Results LLC.

Active Results LLC is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington near Seattle. Our Spanish partner is at activeresults.es

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