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We helped SightLife managers gain confidence.

“For SightLife, where we’re all about helping the world to see through new eyes, from a management perspective The Coaching Workshop really helped us to see our world of leading and interacting with our direct reports through new eyes.

“At SightLife, we are an organization of experts in many different technical areas. Those experts then ultimately get promoted on to a management level position. As is typical with many technical-based organizations, we don’t always provide the best tools for them to transition from being a technical operational expert to being a manager, supervisor, or leader. One of the specific things we wanted to do was to give our managers really tangible tools to help them in leading, guiding, and developing their direct reports. The Coaching Workshop absolutely did that. The workshop was fast-paced and very practical. Our entire team left with really practical tools, that in fact, some of them used them the same afternoon in the work setting.

“The Coaching Workshop was great learning and tangibly practical. I see confidence in the eyes of even the newest managers.”

Monty Montoya
President and CEO of SightLife
Seattle, Washington

About SightLife: Founded in 1969, SightLife is the only non-profit global health organization and eye bank solely focused on eliminating corneal blindness in the United States and around the world. Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit as an eye bank, the organization leverages innovative technologies and best business practices to transform lives and unlock life’s possibilities for the corneal blind. SightLife works in partnership with surgeons and health organizations in more than 30 countries. For more information, visit



We helped LOUD step up their leadership game.

“My goal was to put our already capable executive team on growth path that would step up our collective leadership game. Keith Webb’s practical and immediately applicable methods were exactly what my executive team needed. Without a doubt, the leadership at LOUD Technologies will be more effective in achieving our business objectives by enabling and unleashing the full potential of the teams we lead.”

Mark Graham
CEO of LOUD Technologies, Inc.
Woodinville, Washington


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