Active Results LLC provides training that is practical and highly interactive for maximum participant engagement to increase your results. Our coaching training is approved by the International Coach Federation. We have a total of 150 hours of ICF ACSTH approved training.

The Coaching Workshop

Integrating Coaching Skills into Your Leadership Roles
Transformational leadership requires new ways of communicating with those you work with. Coaching skills are essential. This 1 to 3-day workshop is for anyone who wishes to incorporate coaching skills into their existing roles. Those who complete this program will more effectively be able to support others in the development of their skills and capacity while simultaneously achieving organizational outcomes.

The focus of this workshop is on integrating coaching skills with existing management and supervision roles. Participants reflect on their current leadership styles and integrate coaching skills to create a unique blend for greater leadership effectiveness. Each participant will receive a workshop manual complete with the COACH Model™.

The Active Trainer Workshop

Prepares You to Create and Lead Workshops that Actively Engage Participants
The Active Trainer Workshop will equip you to successfully provide high-quality, interactive training, with confidence. Transform your existing workshops into discovery-focused, hands-on training. Create new workshops that utilize adult learning principles. Deliver material without lecturing. Incorporate participant skill practice into your events. Use these techniques for meetings of any size.

The Cross-Cultural Coaching Workshop

Preparing You to Skillfully Coach People of Different Cultures
Globalization is not decreasing cultural differences. Instead globalization has brought greater cultural diversity to our doorstep. In today’s organization, diversity of every kind is celebrated as strength. The power of diversity comes from embracing culturally different ideas and approaches. Diversity has a downside as well. Differences produce conflicts in values, communication styles, and ways of being. Coaching is not immune.

This interactive presentation will provide tools for understanding cultural differences and their impact on the coaching process. Practical ways to leverage cultural differences for creative synergy will be explored. Through stories, discussion, coaching models and tools participants will learn to recognize and effectively coach those culturally different than themselves.

Curso certificado de técnicas fundamentales de Coaching (CORE)

Formación profesional de coach para multiplicar su impacto.
El liderazgo transformacional exige nuevas maneras de comunicarnos con quienes trabajamos. Las técnicas de Coaching son esenciales.

Estas 61 horas de formación profesional de coaches va dirigida a quien desee adquirir más técnicas de Coaching y dedicarse a ejercerlo parcial o exclusivamente. CORE está avalado por la International Coach Federation (ICF), lo cual significa que el curso cumple con los criterios más exigentes del mercado.

Las personas que se licencian de este curso pueden obtener sus credenciales de la ICF con 10 horas adicionales de coaching supervisado aplicando a ¨ACC ACSTH¨ de la ICF. También pueden formar a otros con la licencia para impartir el Taller de Cómo integrar herramientas de coaching en tu estilo de liderazgo.

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